The Process

Even though today’s weigh in doesn’t reflect improvement, I followed the process.

Did not eat until 1:30PM, again.

However, I did eat more than the day before … maybe my process needs to be more considerate of what I put in my body.

Some Progress

Made it to 1:30 PM yesterday before eating anything.

Some might think that is not a big deal. I have done that now for 2 days in a row.

The consistency is what will deliver the results.

Focus today is on (1) delaying eating … ideally until I fill at least a little hungry, (2) movement and (3) water.

In pain

I am in pain as a result of my actions.

My back hurts because I overdid it when rowing.

Since I am much heavier than the ideal weight, I put more strain on my body.

Today, I am going to (1) not eat as much as I might have, (2) start eating later in the day – maybe even wait until dinner before having a meal, (3) eat healthier.

UPDATE: Ate at 1:30PM today – tomato soup + tuna.


Too fast

The back is hurting from rowing 2 days ago.

Being in better health would likely mean I would not throw my back out.

Motivation for better health.

One day at a time.